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Lamps exhibited on Sri Lanka

The battery driven lamps charged by a solar panel has now reached Sri Lanka and are exhibited.

Here is a picture presenting President Mahinda Rajpakse and one of his ministers outside one
of the central buildings in Colombo.

The Tellux lamp is located to the right side on the picture.



The inauguration of the eco-drive called 100Houses at Hornstull T-subway station, just besides Hgalidskyrkan, 2011.

Have a look at the webpage and read more about this.

Tellux is one of the suppliers of products.



One delivery of our new "streetlamp" that is charged with a solar panel and batteries have been shipped to Sri Lanka.
The lamps, complete with poles, is installed for evaluation in Colombo.
The lights are delivered to: Delmege Forsyth and Company Ltd,Colombo


To Grindtorpskyrkan in Tby Tellux has delivered facade lighting. By switching from Halogen to LED
lamps one saves electricity for 4000 SEK/year.

Previously the lamps were exchanged 2 times a year.
Now the estimated time before exchanging lamps is 10 years.




In southern Iraq; Tellux have installed a solar based energy solution. The installation is complete, delivered
with cables, batteries, solar panels and all technical equipment. It also includes miscellaneous LED lamps
for indoor and outdoor use.

The installation is sold through our retail locations in Finland. The products are delivered to Al Tear, Diwaniya

irak1 Iraq-referencenew
Solar powered and wind powered new lighting system at the playground in Lilla Ursvik, Sundbyberg, Sweden.

The entire system is built with sustainable energy, in this case electricity produced on location by the sun and the wind.

The entire system consists of 7 park lamps - LED, 20 W/ea. 3 solarpanels, together 545 W, 1 vertical wind generator, 500 W at 11 m/sek., 6 LiFe-batteries 24 V, 150 Ah.

Contact: City of Sundbyberg: Bengt Larsson, stadsbyggnads- och miljfrvaltningen 08-706 80 00
Tellux AB: Anders Lindn 0733-962511, Alf Liljehall 070-66 55 777

Photos from the inauguration of the LED lighting system in Lilla Ursvik, Sundbyberg, Sweden..