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For the garden!
The lamp "Kotten" (The Cone)

This is a designed lamp in white varnished sheet metal from Finland.

It will be delivered with a LED lamp and a pole. 220 V


Read about the terrace on Hornstulls metro station, which shows environmental solutions for apartments. SVD 27/5 2011

Tellux is one of thirty environmental technique companies that are participating in project 100 Houses.Tellux will contribute with LED armatures and a Swedish wind generator manufactured by Danes Mekaniska AB, nge..

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Tellux are launching a sun cell drivenLED street lamp, with environmentally friendly batteries

streetlamp1 streetlamp2

In the first series that will be delivered to Colombo, Sri Lanka, the solar panel will be located at the top of the lamp. This because in that region the sun is at Zenith and the lamps thereby will be charged very effectively.

In the upcoming lamp series it will be possible changing the angle of the solar panel depending on where in
the world that the lamp is to be installed.
A Swedish produced lamp, powered by environmentally friendly batteries from Alelion in Kunglv,
is charged by a swedish produced solar panel.
The sheet metal construction is produced by Airfan in Gothenburg.

The poles are coming from Tivalux, and designed to withstand the hard winds in Sri Lanka.
Design and development of the lamp is done by TelluxAB,Sweden, in cooperation with a
group of companies in Sweden that are developing products for a sustainable environment.
The batteries can be obtained in three different models.
1280WH Duration: ca: 45 hrs
970wH Duration approx. 35 hrs
670wH Duration approx 25 hrs