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LED Lightning - Streetlamps



Streetlamp LED"Multilumen" Streetlamp LED

Available in following watt:

25W, 55W, 75W and 150W.


Price: From 3500 SEK, depending of quantity and Watt.

LED lightning we have had in our homes for many years in electric devices like TV, DVD player etc.

The development is making fast progress. Today we have even LED instead of the traditional street lamps made of high pressure sodium. Those trying the different LED systems are increasing!

At Tellux we have chosen to concentrate on LED produced inSweden. Those LED are maintaining proper color temperature and keep the guaranteed durability given by the manufacturer. Most products in our systems are produced inSweden.

The transition to LED also means one more step towards effective energy saving.

We are using a simple system with aluminum heat sinks that in a very efficient way cools the LED drivers. The LED coolingis the big problem, and many suppliers promise cooling solutions that gives 100 000 of hours burning duration, but in fact they are hardly tested and they do not last.

The Swedish LED that we use in our street lamps has a guaranteed burning duration on 50 000 hours.

During tests in our indoors test facilities, the temperature in our street lamps has reach a maximum of 51 degree Celsius.

In Sweden the average temperature is about 10 degrees Celsius, which means that in the summertime the lamps will reach a temperature of max. 35 degree Celsius because of our effective cooling technique.