LED lighting

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LED lighting
Cost effective, environmentally friendly lighting systems..
LED lighting has existed in our homes for many years, in different electrical appliances like the TV or DVD player. Today, an increasing number of people dare to explore the potential of the rapidly evolving LED technology and there are even LED diods that provide the same amount of light as a traditional street lamp, but without the toxic high pressure sodium used in the latter. LED lighting is also a step closer to more effective energy saving.

At Tellux, we focus on Swedish diodes that have consistent color temperature and that perform well throughout the length of life promised by the manufacturer. Most of the other components of our systems are Swedish as well, for quality assurance.


MGL 30 Tracklight LED 30W, White or Warmwhite     MGI 40   LED 36W, IP-65, White or Warmwhite
2300 kr/pc ex VAT                                                       1700 kr/pc ex VAT

LED_30W_Track_light-Ledtrack_wite-warm_white LED_36W_IP-65_fixture-iPra_white-warm_white




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